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couple-at-computerNo use tip toeing around the elephant in the room. Caring for your loved one is sometimes a love-hate relationship. As their primary caregiver you get little to no recognition. The physical, verbal and emotional battering can take a toll. Sound familiar?
Like the reporter in this video, my journey began with a phone call one afternoon.
If you are not sure how to navigate these waters, “Ask a provider” is your safe place. What’s on your mind today? Fill out the form and get the answers you need.

Providers Responses to Questions

How to Prevent Caregiver Burnout

3/23 Facebook Live event discussion on Help! I’M A CAREGIVER AND I HATE IT! Marcia Miller shares tips and resources on how to prevent caregiver burnout.

Final Expenses – Are You Prepared?

Facebook Live event discussion on FINAL EXPENSES. ARE YOU PREPARED. Carolyne Pagel of The Retreat of Winter Garden share valuable insight on the importance of having this discussion sooner versus later with your loved one.

Skilled Nursing vs Home Health Services

Facebook Live discussion on Skilled Nursing and Home Health. Carolyn Pagel, Owner and Administrator of The Retreat of Winter Garden, shares valuable insight on navigating both environments in caring for your loved one.

Important questions to ask…

Should our seniors have a bath more than 2-3 times a week?

Senior incontinence is a real issue. Having something as fundamental as a bath everyday is not a given in many facilities. Many seniors no longer find this an enjoyable experience. It can be painful, scary or a medical challenge. This is not a true representation of seniors in general.  What do you think? What has your experience been? Please share in  “Ask the provider” form on this page.

Tina’s Testimonial

See Tina’s testimonial regarding why she choose a smaller Assisted Living community instead of a large Nursing Home for her sister.

My sister is falling a lot

Hi, my sister is 75 and lives in a large assisted living and she seems to fall a lot and is now in rehab again. What makes these homes on this site any better? Who is to say she wouldn’t fall there too.

Hi Beth, I am sorry about your sister’s situation. Not sure why she has been falling so it’s hard to say that a private home is the best for her without a proper assessment. I will say that the best compliment that the private homes have received came from one rehab center that said “We know you guys are doing it right, because we see fewer residents coming back and forth from the residential facilities”. That was one person’s observation. I hope that helps.

~ Marcia Miller, Owner and Operator of Serenity Adult Family Care Home

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