My sister is falling a lot

Hi, my sister is 75 and lives in a large assisted living and she seems to fall a lot and is now in rehab again. What makes these homes on this site any better? Who is to say she wouldn’t fall there too.

Hi Beth, I am sorry about your sister’s situation. Not sure why she has been falling so it’s hard to say that a private home is the best for her without a proper assessment. I will say that the best compliment that the private homes have received came from one rehab center that said “We know you guys are doing it right, because we see fewer residents coming back and forth from the residential facilities”. That was one person’s observation. I hope that helps.

~ Marcia Miller, Owner and Operator of Serenity Adult Family Care Home

Should my Dad be in a nursing home or assisted living facility?

My Dad is 80 and lives by himself and I noticed he is forgetting where he put stuff. He is getting real cranky and wants to sleep all the time. Hates taking a bath. I’m afraid to leave him alone. Should he be in a nursing home or an assisted living facility?

Hi Carol, I would recommend you begin with your primary care physician and let them know your concerns. They will make referrals to have your dad evaluated and together once properly diagnosed you will be more informed about your options. If it is determined that he is not ready for a nursing home then please tour the homes on this site and visit with the providers listed. They are subject matter experts, some with many years of experience.

~ Marcia Miller, Owner and Operator of Serenity Adult Family Care Home