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Bort Adult Family Care Home

Adult Family Care HomeOrange County

Advocating for and fostering continued independence for senior citizens and the developmentally disabled.

Bort Adult Family Care Homes have a safe, home-like environment with 5 residents per each. Our facilities are located in sunny Orlando and we have openings for seniors and individuals with developmental disabilities, men and women. Amenities include:

Elite Elderly Care Assisted Living

Assisted LivingOrange County

Highly Trained, Excellent Care

At Elite Elderly Care, we have highly trained caregivers and CNAs providing 24/7 care for residents. Staff prepares and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, tend after each resident's daily bathing and grooming needs, provides assistance with daily medication, laundry services, room maintenance, and daily housework and cleaning. The caregivers and CNAs also engage with residents with activities and companionship.

Extending Lovable Living Assistance Assisted Living

Assisted LivingOrange County

Providing an holistic focus on the whole person.

Welcome to our faith-based, family oriented, elegantly designed licensed Assisted Living Facility (ALF). We strive to help our residents enjoy more confidence, more independence, and more of life, which equates to a better day and ultimately an elevation of personal fulfillment. ELLA is unlike any other ALF because our experienced and dedicated team focus is on the whole person. Because everyone is wonderfully and uniquely made, we provide personalized quality care while preserving our residents independence, dignity, and overall quality of life.

Florida Golden Adult Family Care Home

Adult Family Care HomeOrange County

We welcome your loved one to a new beginning

Our assisted living facility is fully-equipped with compassionate staff, well-maintained amenities and comprehensive senior care services. Here, your loved one will enjoy the many comforts associated with retirement living.

Golden Cove Assisted Living

Assisted LivingOrange County

Golden Cove is a beautiful home away from home in sunny Orlando, Florida. We provide seniors with an environment that restores, maintains, and improves the physical, mental and emotional quality of their lives. Our purpose to help them enjoy longer, healthier and more independent living.

Palamar House Upscale Assisted Living

Assisted LivingOrange County

Spacious, Private, and Upscale Apartments

Palamar House is a locally owned retirement home offering independent and assisted living, and respite care. Featuring spacious apartments with private bathrooms, and meals prepared on the premises, Palamar House has 24-hour trained medical personal assistants at your service. You can be assured that you or your loved one will be safe and comfortable at Palamar House.

Prevail Homes - Residential ALF

Assisted LivingOrange County

We realize that it is never easy entrusting your loved one in someone else’s care. At Prevail Homes Residential Assisted Living Facility we strive to make staying at our home a positive experience.

Serenity Adult Family Care Home - Meadowood

Adult Family Care HomeOrange County

To provide safe and compassionate care that makes your heart smile.

The new standard in senior living, we offer superior quality person-centered care. Our home exceeds expectations and is a cost-effective alternative to nursing homes. We provide safe compassionate care that makes their heart smile.

Serenity Care Adult Family Care Home - Windermere

Adult Family Care HomeOrange County

A Home Away From Home!

Designed for those who do not require 24-hour nursing supervision, Serenity Care provides home-like environment for those who will continue to thrive with mild assistance with personal care and other services. Serenity Care was born out of love and is dedicated to making a difference in our residents’ lives.

Windermere Assisted Living

Assisted LivingOrange County

Aging is a grace and serving is a privilege

At Windermere Assisted Living facility we serve everyone with passion, love, dignity, and respect. We see all our residents as unique individuals who simply need assistance in their daily lives. We have a serving heart and caring attitude towards seniors. At Windermere Assisted Living, we believe aging is a grace and serving is a privilege.