The Residential Home Care Network is here to help you learn more about Geriatric Care in Orlando, Florida. Geriatric care, also known as “elder care management” is the process of planning and coordinating care of the elderly and others with physical and/or mental impairments to meet their long-term care needs while improving their quality of life.  Our trained staff is available to help you with elder care management in Orlando, FL and Geriatric Care management in Orlando, FL.

Orlando Geriatric Care: How do you take care of Seniors?

Taking care of seniors typically requires that the individual care giver take care of one’s self first.  If the care-giver neglects oneself, there is an increased risk of caring for the resident.  In addition, it is important to consider the individuality of the resident.  Assisted Living should not be a “one size fits all” service.  The physical, emotional, cognitive and mental state of each person is different, therefore, requiring that the caregiver develop an individualized care plan for each person. For example if the senior is still cognitively able to make decisions, it is important to include them in the process. Weather right or wrong they still get to make the decisions and this allows them to remain as independent as possible. However as they decline the caregiver will find themselves having to make decisions to ensure their safety.  Call our trained staff today for any help needed in taking care seniors in Orlando, Florida.

Importance of Geriatric Care in Orlando, FL:

The geriatric population has been on the rise for many years.  Scientific articles often discuss the increase in the aging population.  The geriatric client due to their frailty often need assistance with their daily activities of living.  Assisted Living Facilities can meet the needs of the client by providing the basic needs of food, bathing, dressing and ambulating, to the increased needs related to social, cognitive, and mental needs of the declining geriatric person.

How does Geriatric Care and elderly care impact family members?

Because of the rise in the lifespan of the elderly person, the need for geriatric caregivers has also increased.  Often the care needed is provided by the adult child or other family member.  This can often strain the person providing care financially, physically and emotionally.  It can also, strain the family dynamics, often leading to divorce.  Having the option of assisted living facilities provides relief for the immediate caregiver. This role reversal where the parent is relegated to feel like a child and the child is now having to make important life decisions for the parent is a bitter pill. There are no winners, only families retreating to their respective corners, licking their wounds until the next confrontation. Call the Residential Home Care Network today to for Geriatric Care in Orlando and elderly care management in Orlando, Florida.


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